Thursday, February 18, 2010

Shuella-Your Shoe Umbrella

Yes, yes you read it right! Your shoe umbrella. We recently have been getting a lot of rain here in Atlanta so I thought this would be a great blog post. Shuella was designed by Rebecca Miller because of her frustration not being able to find anything suitable in rain or inclement weather. Her goal was to design an extremely stylish , durable product to carry in your purse or briefcase and comes in vary sizes and worn over any size heel. I love this and can't wait to order my first pair.Be sure to check out for more product info.


Sunday, February 7, 2010

Fierce Head Accessories

When I see cute headbands I think of infant girls dressed up with big dresses, mary janes and headbands. These fierce headband accessories have been worn by several celebrites like Rihanna, Solange, Jessica Alba, just to name a few. Headbands are very inexpensive and can be picked up at your local department store or shopping center. These bands can range from $3- $20. Starting at $3 who can't have Also if you want a different headband than the rest you can always DIY handband.